Vagator has dramatic red cliffs looking down on the shore and two fresh water springs within a stone's throw of the sea. The beautiful Vagator beach is located about 22 Kms from Panaji and is situated in Bardez taluka in North Goa. This wonderful beach is just a short walking distance from Boon's Ark.

Vagator Beach is split into two main beaches called Big Vagator & Little Vagator Beach. The Big Vagator Beach is by a seaside headland which holds the car park and lots of stalls selling trinkets, clothes, soft drinks and snacks. As you face the sea, on your left is the Little Vagator Beach or Ozran Beach. The Little Vagator area is further divided into three parts: Italian beach, Tel Aviv beach and the main strip. The first two are named after the nationalities that pretty much occupy the sands there.

Closely located to Boon's Ark is Nine Bar, just near the beach; they play different types of trance and psychedelic music from different DJ's around the world, mainly from Europe

Also there are hosts of Mediterranean and Indian Cafes/Hotels serving different types of cuisines.

Chapora fort was built by the Adil Shah of Bijapur on the southern headland of the Chapora River. It was also known as "Shahpur" and is now mostly ruined. It has a commanding view of the Vagator beach and is near to Anjuna beach.

The red laterite bastion, crowning the rocky bluff, was built by the Portuguese in 1617 on the site of an earlier Muslim structure. Deserted in the 19th century, it lies in ruins today, although the views up and down the coast from the weed-infested ramparts are still superb.



Chapora village is more reminiscent of a charmingly unruly farmyard than a fishing community doubling as a beach resort. The village is dominated by a rocky hill topped by the remains of a fairly well-preserved Portuguese fort and the estuary of the Chapora River. There are sandy coves, pleasant beaches and rocky cliffs at nearby Vagator.

It has no beach, but in season, tourists almost equal the residents of this little fishing village, set in a charming palm-fringed bend in the river. What is Chapora’s secret? No one can quite define it, but it grows on you. Low budget accommodation could be one reason, plus the sands of Vagator and the nightlife of Anjuna are just a short bike ride away.

Shops in the village sell exotic vegetables, second-hand books and speciality breads.  The most famous of these is Kamat’s, located right opposite Chapora’s Holy Cross Chapel. The village has plenty of pleasant bars and cafés. Walk to the Chapora fishing jetty and watch the fish being unloaded from trawlers. Like most jetties, this is also a great place for angling. Boat operators take tourists out on river and dolphin-spotting cruises from here.



This Harbor is  laid far in a creek, well protected from the waves of the open sea. Against the modern quay and further out in the creek, modern fishing boats are moored and anchored together with simple dugouts and small wooden boats..

Within a stone's throw from the quay, on the beach, a large amount of fishing boats had been pulled up to be repaired, stripped or abandoned. Here, there and everywhere on the beach, one could see dugouts, plank boats of different shape and size and bigger motorized fishing boats. Here in Chapora Harbor, mainly modern motorized fishing boats are built and repaired.



One of the fresh water springs is at North Vagator Beach, past the rocks where the beach seems to end. Here, there is a small beach with two shacks. The spring is at the foot of the hill, around 100 m from the beach. Continue past the little beach and the path winds its way around the base of the hill, all the way to the fishing jetty at Chapora Village. The other spring is in Ozrant, at the base of the hill. This is a little more difficult to find, and it’s best to ask for directions to the zor (spring, in Konkani). Wash the salt off your body here after a swim in the sea.



Chapora River rises from the Ramghat Hills in Belgaum District of Karnataka. It gushes through the borders of the state and enters Goa at Ibrampur village. After flowing a distance of 32 km this river system discharges into the Arabian Sea near Chapora Beach at Chapora.
Chapora Fort is located on the southern headland of the Chapora River. Siolim is on the left bank of this river.



South from Ozrant Beach or Little Vagator is an impressive stone face of Lord Shiva, carved into a seaside boulder by an unknown sculptor from the hippie era. A steep path leads down to the sands where is located the sculpted face of Shiva on a rock. Locals believe that the Shiva face was sculpted by a dedicated devotee of Lord Shiva who was incidentally a foreign tourist. This particular hippie wanted to build a small temple to Lord Shiva, but local egoistic hindrances did not encourage this tourist and hence during his long stay over couple of trips thus happened the wonderful work of art bang on the sea rock. The sculpted Shiva face is not visible and goes hidden under the waves during high tides.



The Arambol Lake is touching Arambol beach shore. A few kms away from Boons Ark in Vagator.  Swim in salt waters and have a fresh sweet water bath right on the same beach. There is a freshwater lake here. The lake is beautiful because it is in the midst of a thick forest nestled in the folds of a valley. This fresh-water lake extends along the bottom of the valley into a thick jungle, just behind it. Fed by boiling hot springs, the lake is lined with sulphurous mud, which, smeared over the body, dries to form a surreal, butter-colored shell. 




The soft white sands, the black lava rocks, the coconut palms, the lush green landscape, nature playing its own music, and the sea turning from aquamarine to emerald green that’s how Vagator beach is commonly described by many visitors.Vagator beach is overlooked by the 500-year-old Portuguese fort, leaves each visitor awestruck. The world-famous Anjuna Beach lies to the south of Vagator.



This weekly Wednesday market is located bang on the shore land of Anjuna beach. The flea market is totally different from all Goan or Indian markets. The market is a sunrise to sunset market. Best time for bargains is early morning and late evenings. The flea market consists of 2000+ make shift temporary stalls



Watersports Activities like banana boat rides, para-sailing, scuba diving, speed boat rides, etc are very common among the tourists in Goa.


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